Sustainability Report 2020: our sustainable ambitions mapped out for you

Sustainability Report 2020: our sustainable ambitions mapped out for you

We are extremely proud to have the honour to share our very first sustainability report with you. Our sustainable ambitions have probably not escaped your attention over the years. By compiling an annual sustainability report from now on, we have a valuable compass to keep us on course and make any necessary adjustments, while giving you the opportunity to keep a close eye on our achievements. At the same time, we hope that the report, which you can download and read via the link at the bottom, may also inspire other companies and organisations.

“Back in 1928, my grandfather, Henri Essers, laid the foundations of what our company is today. The company owned just one truck at the time. The third generation is at the helm today and we are now one of the biggest players in the European logistics sector. Yet, one thing is still the same: we are one big family. And in that family, we take care of each other, our customers and our environment,” says Hilde Essers, Chair of the Board of Directors on the first page of our 2020 Sustainability Report.

Valuable compass

“Caring is ingrained in the DNA of our company,” says CEO Gert Bervoets, who was a dedicated sponsor in setting up this project. “It goes without saying that we also want to demonstrate this to the outside world. As a leading logistics service provider and global employer, we want to take a pioneering role in sustainable entrepreneurship. We resolutely do not opt for a ’sustainability strategy‘, but for a ’sustainable strategy‘: sustainability is not part of our strategy, it is our strategy.”

“With this sustainability report we not only look back on the efforts we made and the results we achieved, it also gives us a valuable compass to give direction to our sustainable future. Additionally, it provides an objective and transparent insight into our actions and business data for the past period in accordance with the international GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standards.”

5 policy objectives

The basis of that future? It is not only built on our corporate values of reliability, entrepreneurship, care, positivism and simplicity, but it is also supported by the dialogue we engage in with our stakeholders. “That is how we defined five policy objectives: the foundations of our sustainable strategy.”

The five policy objectives as described in our report:













These policy objectives are perfectly in line with our corporate values, but also with the United Nations’ SDGs to which we believe we can make a significant contribution. Within the policy objectives, we laid down concrete ambitions that we will give priority to in the coming years. In defining these topics, we gave priority to topics we know our stakeholders find important.

Concrete ambitions and actions

“These ambitions and the corresponding actions are discussed in more detail in the report. For us, as a logistics player, CO2 reduction is undoubtedly essential. We are extremely committed to it. For example, we will reduce total diesel consumption by 1% annually from 2021 onwards, just as we will do everything we can to reduce CO2 emissions by 5% annually by further developing our synchromodal solutions, among other things. But sustainability goes beyond the environment and climate. For example, we want to improve the frequency rate of occupational accidents by 10% each year through a sophisticated safety policy, just like we want to increase our employee satisfaction by at least 10% and, on the basis of an annual customer satisfaction survey, also optimise our customer satisfaction.”

“Furthermore, we remain committed to the personal and professional development of our people. They are in fact the real engine of our company. We also aim to give young employees training opportunities by working closely with the educational field in the countries where we operate. In addition, 2021 will see the development of a code of conduct for our suppliers. It will allow us to enter into an even better dialogue about the sustainability of their products and services. When developing new sites, we will ensure that 15% of our site surfaces are construed as green and biodiverse areas.”

“From now on, we will report annually on our sustainability strategy,” says Gert Bervoets. “We are looking forward to keeping you up to date about the progress we are making and how we will further shape our sustainable future. Together we make it transpossible. And sustainable!”

Download and read the full report by clicking on this link.