Impressive growth in warehousing capacity and value-added services for chemicals and pharmaceuticals

Impressive growth in warehousing capacity and value-added services for chemicals and pharmaceuticals

32,000 m2 in Dry Port Genk, 25,000 m2 in Ghent’s Kluizendok terminal, and new filling lines in Wilrijk – over the last 12 months, the capacity and services we offer the chemical and pharmaceutical industries have grown tremendously. Brilliant figures, which we would like to increase even more in the coming years. We are shifting to a higher gear – not only in terms of quantity, but in quality too.

Dry Port Genk

“After the first 32,000 m² that we opened in December 2018 at our new Dry Port Genk site, we started the groundwork for an expansion of 16,000 m2,” explains Benjamin Hermans, Business Unit Manager. The site focuses on customers in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors and is therefore fully adapted to the storage of dangerous goods. “It is a unique location in every respect. This SEVESO location with its intermodal accessibility could potentially host 160,000 m2 of chemical and pharmaceutical warehouses and has an ideal location for an RDC or an EDC with a focus on Germany, the Benelux, France, the UK and beyond. Finally, the site also borders on the Albert Canal, making it the perfect connection between port and hinterland.”

“Unique to Dry Port Genk, and possibly to Europe too, will be the newest warehouse compartment that contains the technology and equipment for safe and compliant storage of flammable and temperature-controlled products. I am actually quite proud that we have been able to design this installation entirely in-house.” Plus, the site will soon enable H.Essers to take samples of products and to fill smaller packages. Labelling of the packaging units can also be done on site, thanks to a new labelling system. “Clearly, plenty of work! And that’s a good thing: in this way we continue to innovate with respect to our services and our increasingly comprehensive solutions for the pharmaceutical and chemical sector. It is very exciting to be able to witness up close our strong growth in these strategic segments. The new warehouse will be fully operational in July 2020, so be sure and have another look then.” [smiles]

Ghent Kluizendok and Wilrijk

Christophe Houpels, Business Unit Manager Belgium West at H.Essers: “Part of my job is being present at the Ghent and Wilrijk sites, so I have seen these sites undergo a significant metamorphosis in a short period of time. This must have been quite a challenge, but so far I have already learned that our teams are capable of great things.”

The Ghent site, which is located in the Kluizendok terminal, is a multi-customer SEVESO site. Its location is perfect for serving the Ghent chemical cluster, but equally so with regard to the ones of Antwerp and Rotterdam. The Kluizendok has the advantage of truly being a stone’s throw away from our production sites, and furthermore offers excellent intermodal connectivity. “Thanks to these advantages, we will be carrying out the third and fourth phase of our construction plans as early as 2020. Together with the first two phases, they offer around 50,000 m2 of warehousing potential, with a special focus on the chemical industry. This is reinforced by our partnership with North Sea Port, a merger between the seaports of Ghent, Terneuzen and Vlissingen. More and more customers are interested in making use of the synchromodal solutions that we can offer from here. Even chemical producers from Antwerp and Rotterdam use our site. In time, we’ll be able to ship out every day.”

“In Antwerp our existing filling installation, which is active day and night, was supplemented with two new filling installations. In addition, the existing office buildings were given a major makeover, making work more comfortable. Now it’s perfectly equipped for handling all future challenges!”

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