Please use these numbers for emergencies only!

An emergency situation may be defined as an incident giving rise to injury, potential injury or damage due to:

  • a road, rail or sea traffic incident involving a vehicle carrying a company tankcontainer
  • an accident concerning the nature of the cargo carried in a company tankcontainer

Central Emergency numbers

Belgium 0032 50 559 696
United Kingdom 0044 161 877 84 88
Spain 0034 977 296 550
Italy 0039 333 272 55 49

Belgium – Zeebrugge

Belgium office 0032 50 559 696
Maintenance center 0032 476 285 622
Operations 0032 477 759 762
Rail & Ship 0032 474 353 322

United Kingdom – Manchester

UK office 0044 161 877 84 88
Operations 0044 7775 573 450
Sales 0044 7775 533 350
Drivers 0044 161 40 80 205

Spain – Tarragona

Spain office 0034 977 296 550
Sales & Customer service 0034 977 296 474

Italy – Novara

Italy office 0039 0333 272 55 49

Our procedure in the event of an incident

In the event of an incident, first news of it is likely to be reported to the Huktra emergency number, which is manned 24 hours per day by key personnel. They in turn will ensure all relevant information is collected at the earliest possible stage. A list of subsequent actions and telephone conversations should be duly recorded.

Both the General Manager and the Fleet Engineer must be informed immediately and they in turn will maintain contact with the external emergency services.

The circumstances of each particular incident will determine the action that is required, but generally, when an incident occurs the General Manager or his deputy will travel to the scene of the incident immediately. If the incident location is physically too far away for this to happen, the locally nominated agent will be instructed to attend the incident on behalf of the company.

In the event of an accident involving a tankcontainer carrying a customer’s product, the customer must be advised immediately. The emergency services should be encouraged to contact the customer’s emergency staff to obtain chemical hazard information from their chemical expert.

Consideration for the environment and the danger of pollution is of major concern, and it will be the responsibility of the Senior Company Representative at the scene to asses the exposure to all people in the vicinity of any substances hazardous to health. The effects of any substance spillage, whether or not hazardous, must be assessed and the local water authority advised if necessary.

Huktra personnel shall not make any public statement considering any incident or situation involving services provided by the company.